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Specifications: Articulated Water Tank Trucks : WT25, WT30, WT35 and WT40

The Hydex WT Series Water Tank has been designed for maximum visibility and the lowest centre of gravity. Constructed of minimum A36 ASTM prime steel plate and with a capacity of up to 8000 gallons (30240 litres), the front and rear bulkheads are welded 100% inside and out for superior tank strength.

Multiple rows of flanged baffling in both transverse and longitudinal directions offer superior stability whilst the volume vent system prevents air entrapment during flood loading.

The inspection entry portal at the rear allows for easy access to the interior of the tank through a 24” (609mm) hatch. The mounting is a factory-like installation complete with rear pin mounts, sub-frame cushion blocks and retainer coil springs allowing better tank alignment to the chassis.

The controls are operated by hydraulically operated rocker switches located in the operator’s compartment.

The tank’s lighting consists of sealed LED 24V stop and tail light.

The spray equipment comprises a hydraulically-driven pedestal mounted pump capable of up to 1500 GPM; the rear spray bar has up to 3 fully adjustable spray heads with individual cab operated controls and two spray heads mounted on the front of the tank spray to the side. A gravity flow distributor rear spray with in cab control on and off allows for gravity flow application in lieu of running the hydraulic pump and can be used as emergency back-up.

The interior is coated 100% with anti-corrosion coating and the outside painted in standard yellow with HYDEX branding. The entire system is leak tested prior to shipping.

Should you require any further information on the specification of Hydex water trucks, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Hydex Water Tank Truck range offers as standard:

  • 5000 US gal / 18,900ltr through to 8000 US gal / 30,300ltr tanks capacity
  • Tank design for maximum visibility and lowest centre of gravity.
  • Constructed of minimum A36 prime steel plate.
  • Flanged Bulkheads welded 100% inside and outside for superior tank strength.
  • Multiple rows of flanged baffling in both transverse and longitudinal directions.
  • 30” manhole for inspection and filling purposes; including a galvanised filter screen.
  • Fenders and Mud flaps.
  • Rear light group; including Stop, Tail and turn.
  • Exterior primed and painted Hydex yellow or customer preferance.
  • 1500 GPM hydraulic driven centrifugal pump. 
  • Rear spray bar to include up to four fully adjustable fan spray heads with individual cab mounted hydraulic controls.
  • Two  spray heads mounted on front of tank for side sprays with individual cab controls.

Hydex is also able to offer a range of optional equipment:

  • Hydex is also able to offer a range of optional equipment to help tailor your water tanker to your individual needs, available options include.
  • Remote controlled turret water cannon, with the control panel mounted within the cab, including an operator joy stick.
  • Full width gravity bar with in cab control.
  • Front bumper mounted spray bar.
  • Hose Reel with 100’ x 1 1/2” hose including straight nozzle.
  • Interior of tank coated with Epoxy or Plexiblack.
  • Access ladder to top of tank.
  • Water level gauge in operator cab.
  • Self loading system which allows for suction from a water supply.
  • Fire Eater system; includes built in Stainless Steel foam tank, and adjustable nozzle for water and  foam.
  • Safety railing on tank top from access ladder to manhole.

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Hydex WT 25 spec sheet

Hydex WT 30 spec sheet

Hydex WT 35 spec sheet

Hydex WT 40 spec sheet


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